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My story with weimaraners began in February 2008, when I brought home my biggest four-legged love Fergie from kennel Sirius Nova in Litvínov. And that's when it all began...

Not even one year after that I registered my kennel affix, whose name consists of two ostensibly different words. Though I can see a connection between them. Diamond and weimaraner - this combination presents perfection and mutual consonance for me.
Both diamond as well as so much by us breeders admired and beloved weimaraner, are hard, but also irreplaceable for their perfection and uniqueness. Diamond and weimaraner are eternal.
At least for me. As well as diamond is adored and admired and the most precious gemstone, weimarer is such creature. My weimaraners are my gems, my diamonds, which brought light to my life.

Breeder Veronika Šlamborová and her pack of weimaraners, autumn 2015

Our kennel was registered 16th October 2009 under FCI registration number 1140/09 and affix of Diam Weim.

Kennel Diam Weim is one of the most successful weimaraner kennels. Either by individual wins of our dogs or our breedings, but mostly also by wins gained in breedings groups and braces competitions. We are proud of many victories in final competitions of "The best breeding group" or "The best brace" among all breeds. Either at international, national, club or specialty show, we always stand among winners. Collection of trophies is huge. Many thanks to my breedings, or their owners, for being part of the team during the finals.

I am also very proud of individual victories of Diam Weim breedings, who reach phenomenal success at hunting tests and shows as well and I am glad they are proof of the fact that it is not impossible to combine outstanding exterior, top hunting qualities and balanced character. More info about success of our breedings can be found in „Stars of DiamWeim“.

Mgr. Veronika Šlamborová
+420 792 330 050

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